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I help individuals build muscle, lose weight, and improve their physique through personalized coaching.

You're in the Right Place

If you’re serious about improving your physique, you’re in the right place. I’m an expert fitness coach with a unique, comprehensive approach that includes personalized workout and nutrition plans, form assessments, and safe PED protocols.

What makes The Muscle Coach Different?

Achieving your fitness goals is all about having a plan that is tailored to you. This is what makes The Muscle Coach different. I’ll provide you with a personalized workout and nutrition plan based on your unique body type, fitness level, and goals, and I’ll make ongoing adjustments to this plan based on your progress. If it’s right for your goals, we’ll also discuss PED protocols with safety being our priority.

I'll teach you how to:

Client Testimonials.

Some of our many success stories.

Prepping for the stage while juggling a demanding job was tough, but with Ali's strategic and motivating guidance, I achieved my most shredded physique ever and a confidence boost to take on any challenge.

Andrew M.

Oakville, ON

Ali's constant support pushed me to bring the best package yet to the stage - I can't wait to partner with him again for my next show.

Mohammad S.

Oakville, ON

Even as a busy mom, Ali tailored a plan that allowed me to defy expectations - his coaching proves age is just a number.

Sara E.

Brampton, ON

As a first-time competitor, Ali's expert guidance made every step understandable and gave me the tools and confidence to win my debut show.

Morgan S.

Guelph, ON

I struggled with extreme dieting and binge cycles until Ali taught me how to develop a healthy, sustainable relationship with nutrition - with his unwavering support over 3 years and 4 shows, he helped me progress from local competitions all the way to the national stage.

Meredith P.

St. Catharines, ON

From day one, Ali made sure my prep never took a backseat to my responsibilities as a new parent and business owner - with his flexible guidance, I built a conditioned and balanced physique.

Julius K.

Kitchener, ON

If you're dedicated and ready to take your physique to the next level, I can't recommend this program highly enough.

Branko Z.

Ottawa, ON

With Ali's program, I've managed to transform my body completely. I'm not talking about losing a bit of belly fat or gaining a little muscle. I'm talking about achieving a physique most people dream of.

Bill P.

Toronto, ON

Ali isn't just a coach; he's a passionate guide on this journey. His knowledge is constantly expanding, and his enthusiasm for sharing that knowledge is infectious. He doesn't shy away from explaining his strategies, always providing clear reasoning for his decisions.

Ahad A.

Mississauga, ON

I was demotivated after the pandemic but Ali motivated and strategically coached me to transform my physique and outlook - now I have a body and mindset I'm truly proud of.

Wil G.

Toronto, ON

I had the training ethic but was missing the nutritional knowledge until Ali educated and guided me to fuel my goals properly - now I've achieved a physique that matches my hard work.

Austin A.

Brampton, ON

Let me lay it out for you. Before I teamed up with Ali, I was a bit of a mess. My nutrition was all over the place and my gym routine was all about brute strength with little attention to what I was doing. If you're thinking about joining the program, don't even hesitate. Take it from me – someone who’s been there, done that.

Justin J.

Hamilton, ON

Even with a demanding travel schedule, Ali tailored flexible protocols and check-ins that allowed me to overcome obstacles and achieve the lean, muscular results I was striving for.

Ahmed A.


Ali didn't just give me a plan, he taught me lifelong strategies to progress through cravings and roadblocks - thanks to him, I've achieved sustainable success.

Michael M.

Oakville, ON

Ali showed me how small steps could add up to big changes by creating an achievable plan tailored to my busy life - I've achieved incredible fitness I thought was out of reach.

Donald B.

London, ON

I wanted beach-ready abs for vacation and Ali simplified nutrition and training so I could lose 20 pounds in 4 months - the beach body I wanted became a reality.

Tariq R.

Mississauga, ON

Ali didn't just change my body, he changed my life - with his help I lost 58 pounds in 8 months, reversing health conditions and gaining a new outlook on life!

Afnan S.

Ottawa, ON

I was starting from zero as a lifting newbie but Ali guided me to win first place in my first ever show in only 17 weeks - with him, no dream is too big!

Aqui L.

St. Catharine, ON

Ali tailored elite-level plans that allowed me to built the  physique I always wanted - his expertise matches perfectly with my passion for fitness as a lifestyle.

Hari A.

Oakville, ON

How It Works

Your Goals. My Expertise. Amazing Results.

Step 1: Let's Connect

Schedule a dedicated time for us to chat so I can learn about your unique goals and background. The more details you provide upfront, the the better I can tailor your Custom Blueprint.

Step 2: Transformation Protocol

Using insights from our consultation, I'll develop training, nutrition and supplementation plans tailored to help you achieve your physique goals.

Step Three: Ongoing Coaching and Evolution

It's time to execute your plan! I'll provide ongoing coaching as you progress, making adjustments as needed to drive optimal, transformative results.

Everything You Need to Know

Answers to common questions on our science-backed physique coaching.
What is The Muscle Coach?

The Muscle Coach is a personalized body transformation coaching service founded by Ali Siddiqui. We provide customized workout, nutrition, and supplementation plans tailored to help clients achieve their ideal physique goals.

Who is Ali Siddiqui?

Ali Siddiqui is an experienced fitness coach and competitive bodybuilder with over 15 years of experience in physique mastery. His credentials include competing and winning bodybuilding shows, operating a commercial gym, and helping everyday clients transform their bodies.

What makes The Muscle Coach unique?

The Muscle Coach takes a comprehensive, science-based approach to physique optimization. Our programs incorporate cutting-edge training, strategic nutrition timing, safe supplementation protocols, and optional PED guidance. We customize plans based on your goals, abilities, and lifestyle for superior results. Ongoing support, check-ins, and plan evolutions ensure continued progress.

What type of coaching services do you offer?

We offer both 1:1 online physique coaching and limited 1:1 personal training. Online coaching provides completely customized plans and regular check-ins accessible anytime, anywhere. Personal training offers focused in-gym sessions for those seeking dedicated hands-on guidance.

How does the transformation process work?

It starts with a consultation to understand your goals and background. Using this information, we’ll design fully customized workout, nutrition and supplementation plans tailored to you. Then it’s time to execute those plans with ongoing coaching as you progress, making adjustments as needed to drive optimal, transformative results.

What fitness goals can you help me achieve?

We’ve produced incredible transformations for bodybuilding shows, fat loss, muscle gain, strength improvements, athletic performance enhancement, and overall lifestyle optimization. We customize programs to align with your specific goals.

Can you accommodate special diets or food preferences?

Absolutely. We consistently deliver amazing results for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and other special diets. No matter your dietary needs, we create strategic nutrition plans using your preferred foods to fuel your physique goals.

What is your coaching philosophy?

Our philosophy is crafting completely personalized plans based on your unique goals, lifestyle, abilities and rate of progress. We focus on sustainable lifestyle changes, not extreme short-term solutions. Our guidance is hands-on, supportive, and aims to empower you with knowledge.

How can I get started?

Getting started is easy. Simply book a consultation call where we can discuss your goals and develop a customized transformation plan. We look forward to helping you achieve physique greatness!

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